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Class Song of the Day

In April last year I came up with the idea of Class Song of the Day, where I would post on Twitter each day a song I rather liked - in theory for others to listen to too. And I've been doing that ever since.

Partly it was to avoid a habit of not posting a song for ages then inundating my poor Twitter followers with loads of songs and bands in a flurry of some Friday evening or other. Such Tweet barrages are hard to stomach when you receive them. As often as not you'd ignore a sudden influx from one source - well I do at any rate. So a regular timed, once a day effort, kinda made sense.

Anyway I am of a mind to end it now at the end of this year. I've not run out of bands or songs and whilst it doesn't take that much time its regularity is something that requires me to keep on top of once a week or so with respect to the website and a maximum of once every ten days to put the Tweets into Buffer. In truth it probably takes about half an hour a week or so. But ultimately whilst I've enjoyed curating this music - whether it is to people who haven't heard it before or have (or reintroducing the music to me) - there are not many people listening to it and it won't really be missed. Maybe it is only half an hour, but I could use that half an hour for writing a blog or even - god forbid - stories. Or maybe applying for jobs. Or baking cakes.

Well, not the latter.

Half an hour a week is 26 hours a year - or three working days - to do writing (or baking or eating cake).

At the end of the day (or week) I've only got my No.1 music follower Sal as a regular visitor and clicker who may miss it. Maybe I'll just DM some band names or links to her instead. ;-)

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