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Day Eleven: Wing Dingers

Day Eleven was another work day, but an early finish meant that I could get some decent words down in the afternoon; in fact I managed over 2000. Then in the evening I watched the England v Scotland match on the telly which was very poor despite the score line suggesting otherwise. And don't get me started on why Scotland were playing in Pink... Blue doesn't clash with England's white kit, just play in blue! England ended up somehow winning 3-0 but their performance was poor with so many loose passes and poor interceptions. From a Liverpool perspective I was pleased that Sturridge and Lallana both scored, but was more pleased that they didn't get injured.

Anyway, back to the writing. I had more to do and reeled off a rushed ending to the chapter with another 850 words.

All in all today's word count was 2913, very much a record for me. Huzzah!

That said, I am dissatisfied with the way the chapter ended and it'll need a fair bit of work when I get back to editing it sometime in the months to come.

At least I got the set play rounded off, after a fashion, and hospitalised a major Welsh International in the attempt to nobble Fergie. Next time TB, next time!

Not sure I'll get any writing done over next couple of days. Maybe a few hundred on Sunday? We'll see. If I write nothing over the two days it won't be the end of the world, I'll just be some 1100 words behind par which is easily catch-up-able.

Tatty bye. And keep writing!

Today's WC: 2913
Total WC: 20,580
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